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Vicki and I want to thank everyone who was involved in our campaign for their support.


Whether you contributed time or treasure; your friendship and involvement mean so very much to us and we want you to know of our appreciation and gratitude.  Every minute volunteered, every dollar contributed and every prayer prayed were all vitally important to this grassroots effort.


While the outcome was not what we wanted, we are reminded that being obedient and attentive to God’s calling on our lives is more about God and His aims than our own desires or wishes.  We are grateful to live in a nation where there still exists the freedom to run for political office and the voters possess the time-honored and cherished freedom to choose.


We pray God’s blessing on all who helped Kansans for Tiahrt in this short, intense race – we appreciate you and know your hearts are with us.


Thank you and God bless,

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