Pompeo Fails Test on NSA Spying


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July 1, 2014


Pompeo Fails the Test on NSA Spying

Receives Grade of F from Freedom and Privacy Groups

On Monday, June 30th, a coalition of national groups released a scorecard for Congress on the issue of NSA spying on American citizens.

Mr. Pompeo was awarded a grade of F – he was the only member of the Kansas House delegation to receive this grade – all others received a grade of A.

The scorecard was produced by a number of national organizations including FreedomWorks, the Libertarian Party, the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

These groups analyzed the Congressional record and found that Mr. Pompeo was among the worst in Congress on this issue.  The group found that Pompeo had supported no legislation to reign in the NSA.

Furthermore, on two very important occasions, when he had the opportunity to limit the activity of the NSA, Pompeo instead voted to support the illegal activity of the NSA.  Those votes were on the Massie-Lofgren Amendment June 19th, 2014 and the Conyers-Amash Amendment July 24, 2013.  Pompeo is the only member of the Kansas Delegation to vote against these amendments.

On several occasions, Mr. Pompeo has strongly defended the NSA despite an admission from the US intelligence Chief that misuse of data has occurred.  He has failed to sponsor important legislation that would limit the activity of the NSA and he has voted against two amendments that would have also stopped the NSA in its tracks.

“It is disappointing that our Congressman has chosen to defend the Obama administration in its illegal collection of data on US citizens.  His record on this matter is very poor – he is the only member of the KS delegation to take this position – the voters of the Fourth District deserve better, stated Todd Tiahrt.  “On all counts, regarding this issue, our representation in Congress is just wrong.  It is clear that the Obama administration has a strong ally in Pompeo when it comes to its illegal domestic spying operations.”