Wichita, KS, is often referred to as the Air Capital of the World.  As the home of Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft, Bombardier Lear Jet, Spirit Aerosystems, Boeing Modification Center and many support businesses such as D J Engineering, Inc., Wichita has earned the title.  Living and working in Wichita offers wonderful opportunities to build relationships with the aviation and aerospace community.

In 1981, Todd Tiahrt went to work for the Boeing Company as a Cost Engineer and soon became a Proposal Manager where he spent over a decade overseeing the process of bringing new work into the Wichita facility.  His experience in the product conceptualization, development of specifications, statements of work, design and testing requirements, scheduling, supplier quotes, production processes and contract negotiations and compliance has given him experience in all facets of the aerospace business. 

As a Member of Congress from 1995 to 2011, he served on the Armed Services, Science and Technology and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees.  These authorization committees reviewed and developed policies related to the relationship between the federal government and the private sector in the areas of aviation, aerospace, transportation and energy.  In 1997, Todd was assigned to the powerful House Appropriations Committee with sub-committee assignments on Defense, Transportation and Interior.  This committee conducts considerable oversight on the aerospace and aviation community and the agencies that regulate the industry.  His time in Congress allowed Todd to gain significant experience in the relationship between the federal government and the aviation and aerospace community. 

Following his time in Congress, Todd Tiahrt has worked with the aviation community on production problems, cost challenges, new technology development and general consulting on relations with the federal government agencies.  His history of accomplishments has help guide clients through the maize of government regulations and aided them in overcoming barriers to businesses in the aviation and aerospace community. He has been a guest speaker at conventions and served on panel discussions about strengthening the industry and the economy.