All communities large or small face similar problems - finding funding for high-priority projects in their community and dealing with the heavy-handed regulations of federal agencies. From his time in Congress, Todd Tiahrt has learned to negotiate his way through these complicated processes.

Each and every community in America has the opportunity to receive federal funding support for high priority projects; infrastructure, transportation, utilities, office equipment, emergency equipment, first responders, water systems, etc. Annually, Congress allocates funds that are often pursued by large communities. Small and average size counties and cities often have a hard time competing for these funds because they aren’t budgeted for the personnel necessary, nor do their employees have the experience to attract funding opportunities. However, these communities can compete with large communities and acquire funding by employing experienced professionals in monitoring and pursuing federal funding.

Gaining the advantage over every other community to obtain funding can start with Congress. Shaping requests to fence off funding that is unique for a community’s need giving that community the leading opportunity for the funding is an area Todd has experience with after serving as a member of the Appropriations Committee from 1997 through 2010. Finding someone with the experience to lay the ground work for federal funding is rare, yet available, for small to average size communities. Todd has an intimate knowledge of how the funding process works and how to work with Congress to obtain those funds for your community or county.

Also, communities are constantly dealing with federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Transportation, etc. Federal agencies often declare outcomes that communities are unable to satisfy. Having an advocate with experience in dealing with federal agencies can make all the difference in negotiating reasonable responses to agency demands. Having worked with government bureaucracy during his time in Congress as well as his time in the private sector has given Todd and understanding of how to best help his clients negotiate the complexities of the federal government.

Todd Tiahrt & Associates have over 20 years’ experience working with counties and cities to meet their priority funding needs and dealing with federal agencies.