During the 1980’s defense build up in America, the Boeing Wichita facility employed nearly 20,000 employees developing equipment for the B-52, KC-135R, B-1, B-2 and multiple “black” programs to support our military efforts.  Both hardware and software programs were prolific meeting the needs of the Cold War effort.  Todd Tiahrt came to Boeing in 1981 as a cost engineer but soon managed proposals working on multiple programs including highly classified efforts.

While working for the Boeing Company primarily as a Proposal Manager, Todd Tiahrt’s experience covered all aspects of providing quality products to meet specific needs for the Pentagon.  Todd was involved in product conceptualization, development of specifications, statements of work, design and testing requirements, scheduling, supplier quotes, production processes, contract negotiations and compliance. His work for the Boeing Company gave him experience in many facets of the aerospace business. 

As a Member of Congress from 1995 to 2011, he served on the Armed Services, Science and Technology, and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees.  The Armed Services committee developed important policies and directed procurement for defense systems.

In 1997, Todd was assigned to the powerful House Appropriations Committee with sub-committee assignments on Defense, Transportation and Interior.  The Defense sub-committee conducts considerable oversight on the aerospace and defense community and the agencies that regulate the industry.  His time in Congress was an exceptional experience in the learning about the relationship between the federal government and the defense community. 

Todd also served four years on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and visited production facilities for space hardware and was part of overseeing procurement.  His experience from working for an aerospace company was beneficial to the committee in policy development addressing our nation’s information gathering hardware decisions. 

Following his time in Congress, Todd Tiahrt has worked with government contractors on production problems, cost challenges, new technology development and general consulting on relations with the federal government agencies.  His experiences have aided clients who struggle with government regulatory barriers and difficult business decisions. He has also been published addressing important criteria for fair and open competition for government contracts.