Energy security is a primary concern of most Americans.  Our economy thrives when we have access to affordable energy from secure sources.  For many businesses, energy costs are a big part of the challenge to being competitive in the market place.  America should pursue every means to produce reliable energy from each and every source available.

Our government is very involved in the development, production and distribution of energy.  Many of the agencies in the federal budget spend significant resources regulating the industry.  For companies with dealings in energy, maneuvering these agencies has become more and more difficult. 

During his time in Congress, Todd Tiahrt was the ranking Member on the Interior sub-committee of Appropriations.  Interior oversees important energy-related agencies such as the Minerals Management Service, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Forest Service which manages leases for energy development, regulates the production and distribution of energy and manages royalties for energy production off shore and on federal lands. 

Todd Tiahrt was involved in energy policy development both in his committee assignments as well as study committees created to move the U.S. towards energy security.  One important factor was the use of our natural resources.  Following Congress, Todd continues to find clean, secure methods for providing affordable energy.

New technology in producing clean coal is important to our energy security.  Todd has been involved with moving this technology forward by dealing with the regulatory process and business models that meet market demands.

Renewable energy is part of our future economy and Todd has worked to develop the industry for bio jet fuel in our nation’s heartland.  Transportation needs alternatives to fossil fuels and utilizing the latest technology in bio energy can be part of the solution. Todd’s experience in dealing with the bureaucracy has assisted our move to renewable energy sources.