Government Relations

Over the last decade our government has grown each and every year.  With that growth, more regulations have been written effecting how business is conducted in our economy.  For businesses, both large and small, dealing with the regulations and government bureaucracy has become difficult.

Experience in dealing with the government from two perspectives, the private sector and government sector, is beneficial.  Seeing the impact of government regulations and managing the process with the respective agencies can be arduous, but that is where Todd's experience can be helpful. He can help untangle complicated regulatory problems.

Working in the private sector, Todd Tiahrt dealt with government agencies while contracting with the federal government.  Knowing how to work with the bureaucracy is not easily taught.  But learning by living the process is a good educator.  As a Proposal Manager for Boeing, Todd gained the experience of working successfully with those who enforce the regulations. 

During his time in Congress, Todd Tiahrt worked with government agencies from multiple directions.  First in an oversight role, Todd worked to streamline the process for conducting business in America.  Through case work, he dealt with individual problems as a liaison for large and small businesses, often acting as an advocate for those who create jobs.  From a policy perspective, Todd worked to remove barriers created by government to aid in the growth of our economy.

Now back in the private sector, Todd has worked with state and federal agencies on behalf of his clients to ease the process of complying with regulations.  Working through strong relationships he built while he was in Congress, he has opened doors and revealed solutions to difficult problems for his clients.  Whether he has to deal with a federal agency like the FAA, or a state agency such as the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), Todd has aided his clients in overcoming bureaucratic barriers.  Finding the rules to negotiating regulations is often a necessary part of getting things done, and that is where his experience is effective.